We all strive for a healthy lifestyle and this demands a shift in consciousness. In short, the need of the hour is to go “organic”. Consuming organic foods will not only improve your lifestyle but also keep you in the pink of health. It will act as the best defence for living a healthy and long life. Yes of course, switching to an organic and healthy diet is not easy else all would follow it, but you should give it a try to experience that difference.

With an aim to keep you healthy and fit we, at Turn 2 Organic offer a wide range of organic food especially grocery items. Our grocery product portfolio includes a wide array of items namely spices, spices powder, breakfast cereals, rice, grain flours, ghee and butter, oil, pulse, honey, dry fruits, sugar, salt, jaggery, jam, dry fruits, pickle and pappad. We are a one-stop destination for all your organic needs and we cover Chennai region only. This store has been created by two female entrepreneurs who are truly passionate about organic farming. Surprisingly they both have earlier worked in the IT sector.

We are an Online Organic Store that offer organic foods from some of the major brands and these are pesticide and chemical free so consuming it is safe. These foods taste better and have more nutrients thereby making it more satisfying to your body and to you as a whole. Our professional and helpful team are passionate about healthy living and real food and thus can provide you with the best solutions when it comes to choosing the best organic products.

We want the majority of the people to eat healthy and stay fit. We are highly ambitious and look forward in attaining this objective through innovative thinking and team member excellence. We also offer information regarding our long list of organic products, nutrition and health with the help of our website and blogs. We are highly dedicated to offer healthiest products of the highest quality and at a budget friendly price.

We are an authorized and licensed company and every member in our team adheres to the stringent safety standards and in every facet of food handling. So, the outcome is we offer our customers with the highest quality and the safest organic products.

As and when you realize that good food and good health are intertwined naturally you will automatically choose our organic food. What makes us different from the rest in the market is that we offer organic goods to our esteemed customer with quality that is defined by taste, appearance, freshness, variety, safety as well as timelines to market.

Our Mission

To empower our clients in enriching their lives by eating organic and healthy food and driving a sustainable well-being.

Our Vision

To become a leading name in the organic food industry and driven by the will of constant innovation and improvement and also turn into a category expertise which will improve both the health and well-being of consumers.